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With the lighting change and adding additional game-play elements the environment art needed to reflect the realism that we all shoot for in Star Citizen. Global art improvements included: Adjusting the ambient lights Game-play layout changes in the Golden Horizon level Adding stadium style canned lighting on the ring and above the goals Increased fidelity on the advertisements on both ring and ad drones Added frosted back-lite panels on the cover modules Overall increased the global lighting contrast Added smaller human scale lights Added more smaller human sized details for scale across many assets in each level Creating animated advertisements that are used on the Ad drones buzzing around the exterior of the Astro-Arena An Improved skybox with additional nebula assets An additional lighting pass on Golden Horizon Game-play specific artistic level changes for both Astro-Arena and Golden Horizon Finally, its important to note that when the lighting integration changes came online there was a ripple effect.

This means that not only did we update the lighting scheme; we also had to made edits to the PBR materials to ensure the best image quality you all expect. Two teams spawn in at opposite ends of the Astro Arena, a large zero gravity room with scattered cover objects suspended in the air.

Both teams must race towards the ball to gain control of it, using thier legs and arms for movement, as well as a grappling hook device that is attached to their sidearm. When a player reaches or grapples the SATA Ball towards themselves, they can interact with it to grab it. The player who currently has possession of the ball is lit up so they are easy to spot by both their own team and the enemy team. As the ball carrier you cannot fire your sidearm, but you can pass, shoot or drop the ball. Players pass the ball back and forth while avoiding enemy fire until they are able to shoot the ball through the enemy gate at their spawn.

Once a point is scored, the round is over and the game resets. A full match consists of seven rounds. Really what we are using SATA Ball for is a test bed to make the zero-g locomotion system something very robust, and ultimately a viable movement strategy when you are in that environment.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.0

You should have the choice to move around without thrusters… and be successful if you are skilled, and we want players to be able to do that. First, the controls must feel natural and accessible. Second, we want to simulate how physics and rag-doll play into that control system. Lastly, after both of those two goals are accomplished we need a robust set of full body look poses and animations to make that happen visually with the fidelity and attention to detail you have all come to expect from Star Citizen, even in an alpha state. Working towards the goal of how rag-doll and physics play together, a new system needed to be developed which Travis Day has coined the term AEGIS.

This system allows for partial or full-body transitions in and out of what is basically a ragdoll state, using both procedural and artist-driven techniques. In other words, this will allow us to change the character or portions of the character to collide with and be affected by their surroundings, instead of animating normally. Examples of this include: Allowing the extremities to go limp while incapacitated or injured.

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I n Star Marine as with the rest of Star Citizen the goal is to simulate reality as much as possible. In most 1st person games the player is able to stop on a dime and change directions instantly, forgoing all previous motion in favor of new input. For Star Citizen we wanted not only better looking motion but more realistic transitions between motions to simulate this.

This is where the movement transition system comes in. CryEngine already has support for movement transitions on AI, but we needed something player driven as well. This comes in the form of starts idle to moving , stops moving to idle and jukes quickly changing directions. This encourages players to think more tactically about their movement and to stay aware of their surroundings.


It also makes the animations look much smoother by removing pops from quick input changes. The video below shows the system, but not the final result. Keep watching the Comm-Link for more updates!

L ast Fall, we made a concerted effort to lock down the entirety of the networking architecture that would drive Star Citizen in the years to come. It will include a completely new matchmaker, game instance manager, and party service, and we refer to the collective solution as the Generic Instance Manager. That technology, linked with the new backend services and completely recrafted game server interface logic, will ultimately result in a far smoother multiplayer experience.

Queue times will be dramatically reduced and you should encounter far fewer problems overall when attempting to create or join multiplayer games. Under the hood, the new system will expose a lot more information to the component systems.

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For example, in order to provide a better, more enjoyable experience, matchmaking will now be able to take into account skill levels, player ships and their associated armaments, prioritized map preferences, ping times, and much more. Whereas until recently we were still experiencing intermittent problems when player loads reached a particular level, the new system has been built from the ground up to scale to far greater heights. While the new system certainly improves upon the existing functionality, it also adds support for a lot of new features that will be released throughout Arena Commander will soon gain the ability to support multi-crew operations.

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A full-blown chat system — replete with a multitude of powerful capabilities — is in the final stages of testing. The upcoming Social Module will allow players to invite others into their hangars and automatically form parties, and the same instance management and player routing functionality that drives it and the other game modules will soon enable multiplayer landing zones and other points of interest. T he technological requirements to achieve the vision of Star Citizen are incredible and it regularly pushes the boundaries of what is achievable with current generation engines.

This requires a top level team of specialists and generalist coming together from around the world to solve some very difficult problems in unique and novel ways. Upon performing deep profiling and load time analysis there were many areas where wins could be made. Some of these changes leverage streaming better through the splitting of assets to avoid long blocking loads for said asset.

When you split this geometry up into separate files and load it from bottom to top low LOD to high LOD it yields far faster loading and streaming. This is going to be an obvious performance improvement for most users. With that said, there are even bigger changes to come for Star Marine and we want to be sure that the experience is as smooth as possible right out of the gate. Some of the major updates CIG has made additionally to the updated engine version are fundamental ones that might sound obscure but are important pillars for many of the major changes that are to come to scale Star Citizen to the level that the community demands.

Development for Star Citizen has scaled extremely quickly and there are difficulties with a project of this scale, which averages check-ins per week, to keeping builds stable for our players, testers as well as internally for our developers. Major changes were made to the development flow of features internally and the process in which they make it out to release builds.

A s you may have heard, Star Citizen uses an integrated, interactive sound engine called Wwise. Wwise, though its authoring toolset, gives Sound Designers the ability to manage resources such as memory, CPU , and audible bandwidth — and make decisions as to how the balance between them falls; this empowerment has exponential positive effects. With sound designers empowered, and able to balance quality against practicalities via tools and profiling, more time is made available for them to create better sounds.

Thus more time is available for audio engineers to concentrate on improving game-engine audio integration tools, and improve how audio is integrated with other disciplines. Ultimately this equates to better integration of higher quality audio across the board; with VFX , with animation, with cinematics, with design through dialogue and musical score, with environments through richer ambient sound, with more accurately responsive audio for physical props and objects, with deeper audio systems for player-agency driven elements such as ships, weapons, doors, and other interactive assets.

Better it sounds, better it looks! Wwise allows us to iterate better, more quickly, and non-destructively; we can try things out, audition changes and revert them if need be. We can more readily pick our battles and devote higher quality audio to those assets that require them most.

There are a number of incremental improvements in moving over to to Wwise. On the mixing side alone, we have the following tools available to us, integrated as standard:. We can more realistically model spaces with Convolution Reverb — we can even sample real-world spaces ourselves and model them in-game so that a cockpit interior reflects audio like a real cockpit interior. We have the Wwise interactive music system to more readily change music in response to changing game states, important to be able to do this without breaking the inherent rules that music needs to follow.

Where the longer term goals of Star Citizen are concerned: Rather than mixing complex layers of sound down into single assets, which can be quite inflexible, we can cater for a more variable open-world or open-universe, even by recombining them at runtime.

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