Russian dating culture

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Often, foreigners just get lost in all those intricate customs and traditions of Russian culture. Read and find out how to date Russian girls in the right way! Yes, modern society mixes gender roles up.

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But most girls still wish to have a man by their side. A typical Russian lady supports the cult of femininity and looks for a courteous man who would treat her as a gem. So if you wish to conquer a heart of such a woman, you need to demonstrate your gallantness and attention. Moreover, they rather wait for a couple of months before taking a relationship to a new level.

Russian dating traditions, culture and norms

In their society, any woman is born to become a wife and a mother. Thus, a regular Russian girl takes dating seriously enough as she thinks of her boyfriend as of a potential husband. She values trust, loyalty, and respect above all — and it normally takes time. In Russia, there is a special attitude to gift giving. On the one hand, these people are known for being amazing hosts.

Indeed, they are capable of giving away anything to please their dear ones. On the other hand, such devotion should be mutual in their view. When it comes to romantic relationships, the situation gets even more peculiar.

And they get really depressed if their partners never give anything to them. One of the key concepts of Russian culture is loyalty. Here, a man was always the head of his family: And her task was to follow him.

The Russian dating scene

Of course, today, Russians become more and more like westerners. Yet some basic patterns work. Not because they like taking the backseat but because this is how they imagine an ideal relationship.

You Know You are Dating a RUSSIAN Man When...

Wanna date a girl from Russia? Russian dating and marriage customs may be separated into Male and Female traditions. Men consider themselves to be the most important part in Russian family. They are in charge of every process and everything that takes place around them. That is why women are forced to serve them throughout centuries and perform their best household skills and duties.

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However the situations has changed a bit over the last few years with the increase of men from abroad who want to show Russian ladies new and happier life. Russian Dating Etiquette The most important thing in Russian dating is the fact how your treat your girlfriend. Despite the fact ladies are used to serving their men. In return they get lots of flowers, expensive presents and other things to stress their beauty and charm.

This is the best way to show your affection. You should make her different surprises even after a long period of marriage.

Russian dating traditions, culture and norms

She must be sure that she is needed. Do not snow her under household work. She is hard-working and caring, Conversation with Russians is usually rather informal and easy. This is due to their great interpersonal skills. Women are not exception in such situation. It will always be interesting for you to discuss different things with her. Russian ladies are educated and smart.

Russians and Americans, Differences in Dating

However you are not supposed to discuss various topics which include politics or economy, for example. Kissing as greeting is also very common even between people of the same gender. So there is nothing surprising if she is eager to kiss or give you a hug during your first meeting. Russian dating traditions, culture and norms Additional Dating Norms in Russia You should always keep in mind that having fashionable clothes in a wardrobe is one of the most important things for Russian ladies.