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I had just moved to DC and had a hard time meeting new people outside of work. They took feedback that I provided after dates and used that to find other people that could potentially be a better fit.

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There is someone out there for all of us and sometimes you just need a little help. The dating scene was so different after my divorce!

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I had to learn all the new rules. I also learned about online dating and found that it was practically a part-time job! It was so much work with all the follow up and the trying to set things up to meet. But the biggest thing I noticed is that even though people were presenting themselves as single, they really weren't.


They were maybe just testing the waters or wondering what else was out there. Our first date lasted nearly 4 hours! People always ask, 'How did you meet? A friend of mine who met her husband referred me to the service. I agree with Eric, internet dating is a part-time job! I really think of it as more of a true matchmaking service. I knew I had one person looking out for me. They offered me really quality experiences!

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I tried all of the online sites, and had very little luck meeting someone I truly connected with. I was ready to find "the one", and was tired of dating women who were not ready to commit to a serious relationship, let alone marriage.

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The It's Just Lunch process was easy, and the dates were very well matched. I liked the scheduling aspect, and the restaurants were great. The women were very accomplished. On my first date with Megan, I immediately felt a connection, and wanted to continue seeing her. It's Just Lunch was so easy and non-stressful. I gave my matchmaker the days that I was available and never had to worry about the logistics.

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I just wanted to meet high quality women. It was all done for me. What a godsend.

I met great women and learned so much about myself in the process. When I finally met Ellen I hit the jackpot. I was very busy with work when I discovered IJL.

While I was seeing different people I had never tried any matchmaking services. Online dating also seemed so time consuming so I was never willing to invest what little time I already had. I fly frequently for work and for fun, and I see IJL in the airline magazines each time, it was as if the company was talking to me! One day after a particularly long flight and wanting to snuggle with someone and watch a movie, I decided it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I really enjoyed the stress-free experience. Many questions are asked of women and answered by Janis and Carly. The majority of women want to know if the Spindel luxury matchmaking team has the man of their dreams.

Janis and Carly want to know if the women are emotionally available, financially independent and not gold diggers.

Matchmakers Emerge as an Antidote to the Agony of Online Dating

The women are also coached on what to say when a man calls to ask them out. There is a rule book Janis and Carly produced that explains it all.

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  4. If women follow the rule book on Amazon, they can move the first date to a second date, the second date to a third date and the third date into a relationship that leads to marriage. Upscale Luxury Matchmaking Service.